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The Dobronice Mill is located in Southern Bohemia, 8 km from the town Bechyně and 20 km from the town Tábor. The founding of the mill dates back to the 17th century, and, in the course of time, it went through several reconstructions including one caused by a fire. At the beginning of the last century, the mill burnt down and was reconstructed into its present form in 1911. In 2011 there was a complete reconstruction of the premises of the mill which was done in a sensitive manner using old technologies.

The former mill lies in the picturesque valley of the Lužnice River with a view of the ruins of the castle Dobronice which dates from the 13th century. The entire premises are spacious and stylishly decorated in accordance with the history of the house. The furniture on the premises is custom made of solid wood. The grounds are located right on the bank of the river Lužnice and are well maintained. Parking is available on the private grounds. In front of the mill there is a beautiful picnic area with stylish furniture and a view of the river and the ruins of the castle Dobronice. It is possible to BBQ there and to use the fire ring for roasting.

On the ground floor there is an entrance to the large living/dining room with two dining tables and a kitchen equipped with home appliances - an electric stove, a built-in refrigerator with a freezer, a kettle, a coffeemaker, and a tiled stove. There is also a TV and Wi-Fi. Opposite there is the entrance to room No. 4 which has four separate beds and a bathroom with a shower, a basin and WC. The bathroom is equipped with an electric heated towel rail for drying towels, an automatic ventilator and an instant flow water heater. It also has a window. In addition, a separate WC for gentlemen with automatic flushing urinals and a basin, and a WC for ladies with a basin are located on the ground floor.

Rooms No. 2 and 3 are on the first floor of the house. Each room has two beds and its own bathroom with a shower, a basin, and a WC equipped with an electric heated towel rail, an automatic ventilator and an instant flow water heater. In apartment No. 1 there is first an entrance to the living room /with TV and Wi-Fi/ which leads to a kitchen equipped with an electric stove, a kettle, a built-in refrigerator with a freezer and an automatic ventilator. The living room also enables entry into the bedroom which has two beds, and then to the bathroom which has a shower, a basin, and a WC. The bathroom is equipped with an electric heated towel rail, an automatic ventilator, and an instant flow water heater.

There is a private shooting range in the building which it is possible to use in the presence of the caretaker of the premises.

Indoor Swimming Pool
8 km Bechyně - spa
20 km Tábor

Outdoor Swimming Pool
8 km Bechyně, very nice, 367 m3, a wading pool for children 98 m3

Swimming in the River
30 m - the river Lužnice

8 km Bechyně - an indoor hall

12 km Bechyně - 9 holes

8 km Bechyně

Sports Activities
8 km Bechyně - volleyball, beach volleyball, minigolf

30 m the river Lužnice

Water Sports (Canoeing)
30 m the river Lužnice

Spa Town Bechyně
8 km - day spa, a choice of procedures priced from 1200 to 1700 CZK,
solarium, massages, lymph drainage, wellness and others

There is a huge network of cycling paths, very well marked, in the whole area of Southern Bohemia

Interesting Facts

8 km Bechyně - Chateau, Chateau Park, The Town Museum, The Fire Museum, The Museum of Tourism

The Southern Bohemian Gallery (Alšova Jihočeská galerie) - ceramics

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